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About Us

Who is Granby Trading?

Quick Back Story Here: Granby Trading was founded in 1988 by owner/CEO Peter Lecoq, the inventor of the golf cart Cooler Tray (Cooler Tray 6 & Cooler Tray 12), and the co-inventor of the golf cart Club & Ballwasher. Between 1988 and 2023, Granby Trading operated solely as a wholesaler to golf car dealers and golf courses. Moving forward, Granby Trading will now cater to retail customers as well.

How will Granby Trading accommodate retail customers?

When Linda established Frugal Dougal’s in 2008, Peter assisted her using his golf cart industry knowledge, later becoming Frugal Dougal’s customer service rep. From this 2008 – 2023 retail experience, we concluded the best way of approaching our goal of 100% customer satisfaction was to interact directly with the customer via email and telephone.


Upon visiting our website , the first thing you’ll notice is there are no posted product prices and limited product photos. As unconventional and unorthodox as this may appear, the reason behind no prices is because we live in a world of persistent inflation where manufacturer prices are constantly changing with no advance notice. As per product photos, we have access to literally thousands of golf cart parts and accessories, it would be impossible to do justice to what is available in the marketplace in just a few pages.

How can Granby Trading possibly best serve my interests and meet my needs?

if we were in your shoes, we would want to do business with some service oriented, someone to speak with, an actual human being, not some Artificial Intelligence computer.

Here is how we work:

  1. Go to our website, and fill out the inquiry form.
  2. Provide us with the make, model and year of your golf car, as well as a brief description of the desired product(s), a brand name or even a photo if possible.
  3. From here, we do the research, find the product(s), and report back to you promptly with availability, and firm pricing (nobody likes surprises) for both product(s) and shipping.

Telephone calls…if you call us and leave a message, we’re old-fashioned, we return our phone calls.

As stated earlier, our quest is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction, and from our extensive online retail sales experience in golf car accessories/parts, communicating directly with our customers is the best way we know how to achieve this goal.

If our ‘custom-tailored’ methodology works for you, we look forward to the opportunity of serving you.

Fill out the form below with the make, model, year of golf cart and what you’re looking for.
We’ll get back to you with firm pricing, shipping, and availability.




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